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The nature of the tuition we carry out will depend on the specific requirements of the individual; we want to provide tailor-made teaching programs that take advantage of an individual’s strengths in order to improve their areas of weakness.

Tuition could include the following:

  • A phonological literacy program
  • Basic numeracy skills catch-up
  • Handwriting skills
  • Memory skills
  • Support with the planning and writing of academic work
  • Revision techniques

One-to-one tuition fee (per hour): £35

Small group (up to 5 students) tuition fee (per hour): £70

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CLB Tuition

We provide tuition services as a post-assessment option for our clients. We also offer tuition for individuals and small groups who already have an official diagnosis of dyslexia or other literacy difficulty.

Assessments Available!

At CLB Dyslexia Support we offer a range of assessments to ensure individuals receive the correct support.

Screening, diagnostic assessment and tuition across South & West Yorkshire

CLB Dyslexia Support

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